Shower and Tub Repair and Remodels

Are you in need of shower repairs or installation services? Hard Times Plumbing offers shower and bathtub services for repair work, faucet replacements, and even remodeling you might need for your bathroom.  For shower and tub repair in Fort Worth, TX, or a complete remodel, call 817-825-6545 today.

Shower and Tub Repair

shower and tub repair

We Offer Shower and Tub Repair and Remodeling Services for Homes and Businesses!

In addition to practical reasons, tub and shower replacement are needed for aesthetic purposes. For whatever reason, bathrooms seem to show their age faster than other places within a home. With scenarios like these, a shower or bathtub replacement becomes a necessity to achieve perfect luxury or cultivate the value of a residence. Of course, before you start to worry about remodels, you may need to stay attentive for needs for regular service. Immediate service will become a requirement with any of these problems.

  • Loud Pipes: A lot of problems are indicated through hammering, noisy pipes. Loose valves, support straps, or excessive water pressure will all cause this problem. In particular, water pressure might cause additional problems, and will eventually separate pipes from their mounts or create leaks.
  • Low Water Pressure: No one enjoys a dribbling shower. Contact a licensed plumber for aid if your water pressure seems lower than normal. Lessened water pressure typically originates from obstructed or leaking piping.
  • Slow Drainage: Slow drainage might be an inconvenience as simple as a clogged drain but could also indicate problems with the main sewer line. Alternately, it can indicate a smaller and more easily treated clog. Regardless, call a certified plumbing technician. Store-bought clog removal solutions contain caustic chemicals that may damage your lines and rarely do the job. For professional drain cleaning services, give us a call at 817-825-6545.
  • Odd Water Coloration: Another sign of plumbing issues is discoloration in the running water. Not matter if it’s a constant flow of discolored water or it appears for a few seconds before clearing, the coloration of your water may be indicative of the issue that is causing it. For the accurate diagnosis and repairs, trust a responsible plumber.

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