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Is Water Heater Failure Imminent?

Water Heater Failure

Do You Know What Signs May Indicate That You Need a New Water Heater?

Whether it is for washing dishes, taking a relaxing shower, or cooking, homeowners in Fort Worth, TX depend on hot water heaters for their hot water needs. It can take you entirely by surprise when it suddenly stops functioning. Did you know there are signs you can look for to identify if your water heater is about to fail you? By taking notice of some of the following signs, you can keep your home’s hot water flowing and ensure that you get a new system when you need it.

Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement


While you expect your water heater to last a long while, the reality is that the average life of a water heater is only eight to twelve years long. Once it started getting on in years, it is important to get regular maintenance. A plumber will be able to complete repairs to lengthen its life and act as a life support. When it comes time for new installation, your plumbers will help you decide upon a new system.

Rusty, Metallic Water

Have you ever turned the hot water on for a bath, only to find the water is rusty or has a metallic smell to it? Both of these can be indications that your water heater is going to fail. Rust in the water is caused by corrosion of your tank and anode issues in the system. If you notice rusty water, check around your water heater for leaks and corrosion as well.

Spiking Energy Bills

As water heaters age over the years, they require more and more power to function. This means while you are getting hot water when you need it, you may also experience a huge jump in your electric bills. More modern water heaters are designed to be energy efficient while providing hot water for you. If you notice your energy bills rising, it is time to find a new model.

Is your water heater showing any of these symptoms? Do you hear a strange knocking from your system? Let our plumbing experts inspect your tank or tankless water heater! We will advise you of any repairs or if replacement is necessary. Call 817-825-6545 for Hard Times Plumbing today!