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The Plumbing Professionals at Hard Times Plumbing Provide You with Quality Services for Your Residential and Commercial Service.

At Hard Times Plumbing, we have a complete team of some of the greatest plumbers in Grand Prairie, TX, and we look forward to helping you! As proud members of the Grand Prairie community, you can rely on our local plumbing repairs, for issues such as leaking, clogs, and more! Expertly trained, and completely insured, our plumbers are dedicated to sticking to the highest industry standards. Our team considers customer service to be just as much of a priority as our plumbing repairs are. Call us today at 817-825-6545 to learn more about our services, and speak with any of our technicians to schedule your inspection!

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We Handle Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement, and Emergency Plumbing When You Need It.

Our team has plenty of experience in the industry, and we have seen it all, but we always have the ideal solution to the plumbing issues we face. We work diligently every day to make sure our customer service skills are just as sharp as our plumbing services, as customer satisfaction is a number one priority! From the minute you contact us for your first appointment, our plumbers are prepared to assist you, starting with the primary estimate, and finalizing with the completed project. Our emergency plumbing services are important because we know emergencies won’t only occur between 9 and 5, and the team is always glad to answer inquiries about plumbing! When you require a dependable plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, you know you can count on our crew for cost-effective and speedy services of all kinds.

Top Plumbing Services


  • Backflow Prevention Backflow prevention can avert pollutants and toxins from infecting your water supply, offering you clean water.
  • Drain Cleaning Our plumbers eliminate your drain issues at the source, cleaning your drains to assure proper flow.
  • Plumbing Maintenance Make sure plumbing stays at its best when you have regular plumbing maintenance for your residential or commercial property.
  • Sewer Inspections Using a sewer camera, we can locate issues within the plumbing system and complete a total inspection of your sewer.
  • Sump Pump If you have a particularly damp basement or water pools there, you may want to think about having a sump pump installed to clear away excess water.
  • Emergency Plumbing Repair Our availability is flexible and open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week which means we are always on hand to help with your crisis.
  • Garbage Disposals While your first thought may be to replace your garbage disposal unit when it stops working, an easy repair could be all it needs.
  • Hydro Jetting Have buildup in your plumbing eradicated with hydro jetting services.
  • Leak Detection & Repair If you think you hear a mysterious dripping noise, it could be a leak in your plumbing. Our plumbing technicians will find and repair the source.
  • Repiping Services Pipe replacement can become needed for your home plumbing when age and wear cause your pipes to break down.
  • Septic Tank Repairs When you see problems within your septic tank, our plumbing professionals are available to complete repair for your system.
  • Sewer Line Repair It could be dangerous to you and anyone in your home or business when sewer lines leak.
  • Slab Leak Repair Your home can have intense water damage and mold problems if a slab leak is allowed to continue unchecked for a long period of time.
  • Trenchless Pipe Repair With trenchless repair technology, you get quality repairs without having to deal with any harm to your landscape.
  • Water Line Repair Make sure your home or commercial property continues to receive clean, usable water with water line repair!
  • Faucet and Sink Whether you require repair or want to update your fixtures, our plumbers are ready to assist!
  • Shower and Tub Maintain your bathtub and shower at their best with tub and shower repair from our plumbing professionals.
  • Tank Water Heaters Hard Times Plumbing gives you high-quality installation of your tank water heater system and options of gas or electric models.
  • Tankless Water Heaters Tankless water heaters are energy efficient and offer you hot water when you need it.
  • Toilets If your toilet is flushing by itself, it is in need of toilet repair.

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Gas Water Heater

Whether You Need a New Water Heater Installed or a Simple Repair, Our Plumbing Professionals Can Help You! Call 817-825-6545 Today!

At Hard Times Plumbing, we operate with integrity, and we utilize our experience to provide an efficient as well as stress-free plumbing experience. As a local plumbing company, you see that our technicians are members of this community, and we are focused on about providing long-lasting plumbing answers to the other members of our community! In an effort to meet client demand, we provide a wide selection of plumbing services, such as toilet repairs, to drain cleaning. You can always locate expert plumbing professionals in Grand Prairie, TX, if you contact our technicians at 817-825-6545!